Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

When budgets permit, Live entertainment, such a Ensembles, Vocalists, musicians, Event / Live bands, orchestras, etc. or specialty Famous Entertainers, such as Comedians, Magicians, Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, etc. bring a dimension to any event or party, which we refer to as “bigger than life”. As a truly extraordinary addition to any of our Professional Disk Jockey/MC entertainment services, Live Entertainment will take your event or party to the “next level,” leaving your attending guests with a “WOW” factor experience they will never forget!

Our philosophy: We believe that Live Entertainment should never stand alone at any event or party. There should always be a Professional DJ/MC Team on the job/site who manage the work flow and stage area/presentation, while also filling in any dead air time (No music being played or no Entertainer performing). An articulate, high-energy, contagious MC brings focus to any stage or dance floor and drives necessary announcements, ceremonies and planned itinerary for the guests of honor or host(s). They also promote dance floor interaction to engage and excite your guests in attendance. Additionally, a professional DJ with music on demand, to accommodate all submitted song requests, will support their MC partner to further drive the dance floor with the requested party music/songs.

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