Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

When budgets permit, Live entertainment, such a Ensembles, Vocalists, musicians, Event / Live bands, orchestras, etc. or specialty Famous Entertainers, such as Comedians, Magicians, Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, etc. bring a dimension to any event or party, which we refer to as “bigger than life”. As a truly extraordinary addition to any of our Professional Disk Jockey/MC entertainment services, Live Entertainment will take your event or party to the “next level,” leaving your attending guests with a “WOW” factor experience they will never forget!

Our philosophy: We believe that Live Entertainment should never stand alone at any event or party. There should always be a Professional DJ/MC Team on the job/site who manage the work flow and stage area/presentation, while also filling in any dead air time (No music being played or no Entertainer performing). An articulate, high-energy, contagious MC brings focus to any stage or dance floor and drives necessary announcements, ceremonies and planned itinerary for the guests of honor or host(s). They also promote dance floor interaction to engage and excite your guests in attendance. Additionally, a professional DJ with music on demand, to accommodate all submitted song requests, will support their MC partner to further drive the dance floor with the requested party music/songs.

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DJs NJ = Disc Jockeys in New Jersey

Hiring a Professional Disc Jockey/MC vs. a Risky Amateur DJ

Let’s be honest, here. When planning and preparing for our “shindig” or extravaganza we find ourselves shopping around for what we all commonly call a “DJ” as the “go to” for our event’s or party’s main or featured entertainment. As we begin our search, and without realizing it, we have already assumed that all DJs are created equal and we use price as our guide for comparison among all DJs. What a huge risky mistake, when we are taken in by a price which could completely mislead us and impact our events with endless negatives: Lateness, no shows, bad music, unmaintained equipment, equipment breakdown, unprofessional attire and attitude, etc. So many things can go wrong when buying a DJ service, which was contracted for your special event, simply based on price. ALL DJs ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Therefore, it is fair to say that we should never consider contracting any entertainment services for our event based on price, alone. Consider this: Are all cars created equal? NO! Don’t we pay more money for a better or high-end automobile? YES! We truly live in a world where we generally get what we pay for. There are so many differences that need to be considered before price is used, as a comparison method to contract a DJ or entertainment company.  Including the level of natural talent, the DJ/MC’s entertainer ability and speaking voice, personality, music selection, add-ons, available options, condition of equipment and lighting, etc. The list goes on! With this said, we need to develop a deeper sense for and understanding of the main difference between a Professional DJ/MC (One who does this line of entertainment/work full-time and can’t afford failures against their brand or name) and an amateur DJ (One who usually has a day job and will claim that “they are #1 ” or “the best around” and gives you a low price so you book them, while you also give them the chance to make total disaster of your event). Today, the decision-making process has gotten even harder, with every amateur John, Don, and Uncle Tom or “friend-of-a-friend” that claims to be a  DJ or DJ company. Sadly, the saturation of the Professional Disc Jockey Trade with these “wannabe” amateurs has made it so difficult for most of us, who need to employ a dependable quality service for their event or celebration party. Our best advice is always shop smart and hire a Professional Disc Jockey/MC Service or company for your Wedding DJ, Bar Mitzvah DJ, Bat Mitzvah DJQuinceañera DJ, Sweet 16 DJ, Corporate Event DJ, Fund-raiser DJ / Fundraiser DJClass Reunion DJ, Basic DJ Entertainment, etc.! If you need to compare pricing with budgetary restraints being an issue, just make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples” not “apples to oranges”. This way, the success of your event, party or future parties will never be threatened by an amateur.

One last thought: A lower price does not guarantee you an equal service in your comparison of DJs. Hiring a Professional DJ/MC, entertainer or entertainment company may cost a little more, but usually worth every penny. At minimum, you are assured of a professional level of industry standard services, with a possible disaster happening at your event or party highly unlikely.

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Photography / Videography

Photography / Videography

Just like all creative arts services that you purchase should be, such as Photography, Videography, etc. the initial job scope and preparation, actual shooting and post production should be handled by a true, proven professional artist. In the case of Event Photography and Event Video, it is a Professional Photographer and Videographer. The profession of a Photographer and Videographer has also become a sport of so many…that it too, along with DJ and Live Entertainment, etc.has become saturated with mom, pop and teen wannabes. So, again, here is the familiar conversation of where price comparison, while shopping does not guarantee the level of service. NOT ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS ARE CREATED EQUAL!


This topic for me is short and sweet. Having a Photographer, who can shoot and produce breathtaking natural pictures, is worth its weight in gold, as it makes for the absolute best crop of pictures. In my humble opinion, with a fair amount of camera knowledge, just about anyone can stage, organize, shoot and produce typical formals. Now, finding a Professional Photographer who excels at both forms is a “bingo”! In my opinion, you’ll never find an ameteur who is capable of both forms. They will show you most of their work as formals. Knowing this major difference, should make it a bit easier to search for this service for your special event or party.


This topic, too, is short and sweet for me. Great video is mostly candid, while sometimes incorporating some arranged or organized formal shots. Usually during the Photographer’s session or table shots. When you are having any important event or party celebration it is imperative to have a video shot and produced by a Professional Videographer. When you look back in time, years later from the actual time of your event, you will see you, your family and your friends exactly as you were on that day. You and your day are immortalized forever in a produced movie that’s guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, upon watching it years to come. Pictures do not and will not bring you back fully to that time. You are dealing with only one human sense to remember: Sight. However, a video brings you right back in time by exercising two of our human senses: Sight and Audio. Sometimes you might even smell the food!

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